Are you Burning Money each month?

I have been in finance now for the last 10 years. 7 working for someone and 3 and half year years working for myself.

In this time I consistently see clients that have a home loan, a car loan, a personal loan and credit card debt.

Surely not Tony? Surely they know there is a better way.

Unfortunately, its true. And most of the time it isn’t even their fault. So who’s fault is it? Well, if you are home owner, more and more banks will simply “PRE APPROVE” you for a personal loan at a much higher rate then your mortgage rate.

Whilst one must take responsibility for their own actions, many people only look at finance when they need it and they want to get it as fast as they possibly can because at that time, its has nothing to do with the rate or the repayment but how fast they can get whatever it is they are looking for, like a new car or home renovation or whatever it is they want.

As home loan rates are at all time lows, now is the time to clean out your expensive debt.

If this sounds like you then now is the time to take action as rates are as little as 2.19%

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