House & Land Package vs Buying Established

House and Land vs Buying Established

This week our top Broker Tony Walsh was interviewed. The discussion was about the House and Land Package and Buying Established. As Tony have lived in Melbourne Victoria for over 35 years, he knows the Melbourne and Victorian market quite well. In the below article, Tony gives some great pros and cons comparing securing either a house ... More

How can you turn one property into two?

I had one of my clients call me recently to ask this very question and their new loans recently settled and they were so happy with the ease of how this worked so I thought I would share my thoughts. One that only a few years ago I had helped them buy their first home and their story is amazing but for purposes of privacy, let’s call ... More

Hot property

The humble owner-occupier is taking advantage of record low interest rates to borrow and upgrade their abodes. For many it is to complete the dream they had for their home, further fueled by the new abstract meaning the pandemic placed on our place of residence, forced to become the home, office, and entertainment arena for the majority of ... More

Banks vs Brokers

I get asked this question a lot still to this day. "why should I should I see you instead of using a bank directly" The question is still valid and I am more than happy to discuss this question. The biggest difference that we see is the ruling that us brokers are bound by. That is we are bound by "best interest duty" which means ... More

Cheaper to Buy then Rent

Yes you read correctly! Right now, its currently cheaper to buy a property then it is to Rent in Victoria. Home Loan Rates are the lowest they have ever been which now makes it even easier to get into your own home. Add the current Government grants to the equation and it makes its even easier to get the keys to your own home. ... More

Breaking news - Interest rate update

Breaking news – Interest rate update

The Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to leave the official cash rate unchanged at 1% as it awaits fresh economic data to allow it to assess the impact of its June and July cuts. In making this decision not to drop rates again the RBA will have considered some early evidence of an improving housing market following its previous cuts. ... More


Lower Assessment Rate

Finally, we are here… The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority or APRA as they are commonly known have all agreed to release Australians from a tight grip on the struggling mortgage industry by advising all lenders big and small that they can change the way they assess customers’ ability to meet repayments. A few months ago ... More

First Home Buyer Special Offer!

First Home Buyer Special Offer!

Just received an email today advising me of a fantastic offer from one of my many lenders for first home buyer's! First Home Buyer's that apply during the campaign period are eligible for: A special 2-year rate of 3.68% p.a. (comparison rate 3.77% p.a.) on Fixed Owner Occupier Principal and Interest loans with up to 90% LVR $150 ... More

RBA: First-time home buyers can't afford to buy in Sydney

RBA: First-time home buyers can’t afford to buy in Sydney

The Australian property market is progressively troublesome for youthful first-time homebuyers to break into, especially in beautiful state of Sydney. An examination by the Reserve Bank of Australia found that the average potential first home buyer – with an expected borrowing capacity of around $474,000 – could bear the cost of only ... More

Can social scoring be used to get a home loan?

Can social scoring be used to get a home loan?

With in excess of three million Australians – including trying first-homebuyers, crisp graduates, and late divorced people – prohibited from the money related framework because of lacking records, the idea of "social scoring" could enable them to secure advances all the more effectively. Lodex, a Sydney-based monetary administrations ... More