Banks vs Brokers

I get asked this question a lot still to this day. "why should I should I see you instead of using a bank directly" The question is still valid and I am more than happy to discuss this question. The biggest difference that we see is the ruling that us brokers are bound by. That is we are bound by "best interest duty" which means ... More

ATTENTION $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

We’re giving a $100 gift card to our clients with every refinance that goes ahead in July It’s never been a better time to refinance. Rates are crazy low and we will save you thousands off your mortgage repayment! The refinance process only takes 5 super simple steps covered in this quick clip. Contact me now to claim your ... More

Financing the 'GAP'

Financing the ‘GAP’ with an unsecured personal loan

Helping my clients successfully finance their home is truly an incredible feeling, but we all know it's getting harder and harder to do it. Cautious lenders and snail-like growth of customer incomes means you're working hard but the numbers are hardly working. According to Domain, nearly half of all home buyers need to source additional ... More

Five ways you may be sabotaging your loan application

Five ways you may be sabotaging your loan application

Banks are making it harder to get a home loan, particularly in case you're a property financial specialist. Along these lines, now like never before, it's vital not to give the banks motivations to dismiss your application, as per Nathan Birch, author of purchaser's organization B Invested and proprietor of about 200 venture properties. ... More