Your three W’s

Establishing the three W’s (who, what, why) of life can, at times, be overwhelming. As a participant of the daily grind, pausing to re-acquaint yourself with who you are, what you want to achieve and why, helps create the foundations of life. Applying the same principles to how you bank assures you will always remain on top and in contro... More

Don’t Like Change?

Most Australians don't like change... “don't fix it if it ain't broken” is such a common saying and another one that I hear often “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” This attitude towards things can have merit however, this should be the last way to look at things when you talk about money or more important... More

MAFS and money

MAFS + Money

Have you given up on the hope to find the one true Mortgage (love) at first sight? With endless lenders, and options, now available to borrowers to partner with and it can be a difficult task to sieve through the options and find the right option for mortgage bliss. Like any relationship, be it romantic, professional, or financial; ensuring ... More

5% is all you need.

5% is all you need

Yes you read that correctly... If you are a first home buyer and looking to do a house and land package then now is the time to act because all you now need is a 5% deposit. During the federal budget, the Federal Government released a further 10,000 spots to Australian citizens looking to do house and land package under the FHLDS. ... More

Banks vs Brokers

I get asked this question a lot still to this day. "why should I should I see you instead of using a bank directly" The question is still valid and I am more than happy to discuss this question. The biggest difference that we see is the ruling that us brokers are bound by. That is we are bound by "best interest duty" which means ... More

ATTENTION $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

We’re giving a $100 gift card to our clients with every refinance that goes ahead in July It’s never been a better time to refinance. Rates are crazy low and we will save you thousands off your mortgage repayment! The refinance process only takes 5 super simple steps covered in this quick clip. Contact me now to claim your ... More

Why should I refinance?

Why should I refinance?

It surprises me when I meet a client for the first time and realise that they haven't even opened their home loan statement. What clients can fail to do is check just how much their home loan rate has increased year on year. It is the old place a "frog in hot water" example. What is that you ask? If you place a frog in ... More

Cheaper to Buy then Rent

Yes you read correctly! Right now, its currently cheaper to buy a property then it is to Rent in Victoria. Home Loan Rates are the lowest they have ever been which now makes it even easier to get into your own home. Add the current Government grants to the equation and it makes its even easier to get the keys to your own home. ... More

First Home buyers get grants of up to $45,000

First Home buyers are now offered grants of up to $45,000 to build new homes according to the new government scheme! That means that for First Home buyers looking in places such as Bacchus Marsh could get a grant of $45,000 with the first home buyers grant and pay $0 for stamp duty. If you are a first home buyer and you have ... More

Is Rent Money Dead Money?

We have all heard the old saying... "Rent money is Dead money" I always believed this saying and just out of interest, i wanted to have a look at the market to check this theory. You know what I found? Complete evidence that the above information is not only evidence but disgustingly true! I mean no - I am not unhappy that there ... More