First Home Buyer Special Offer!

Just received an email today advising me of a fantastic offer from one of my many lenders for first home buyer’s!

First Home Buyer’s that apply during the campaign period are eligible for:

  • A special 2-year rate of 3.68% p.a. (comparison rate 3.77% p.a.) on Fixed Owner Occupier Principal and Interest loans with up to 90% LVR
  • $150 settlement fee per loan split has been DELETED (more savings!)
  • 20% discount on Lenders Mortgage Insurance Premium on loans with base LVR between 80.01% – 90%

This is truly a fantastic offer that you can really only get through a broker as many smaller lenders do indeed rely on the broker channel. As smaller lenders do not have branch networks, Brokers provide this information to their clients via online and social media outlets. How else would first home buyer’s find this special offer? The big banks don’t want you to save!

20% LMI Discount

Eligible first home buyers will receive a 20% discount5 on Lenders Mortgage Insurance Premium on loans 80.01% – 90%.

To be eligible for the 20% LMI discount (off Genworth’s standard rate card):

  • Customers must qualify for First Home Buyer special offers
  • Have a base loan LVR between 80.01%-90%
  • The property being financed must be located in a metropolitan area and not be in a high density location (postcode restrictions apply)
  • Discount applied off Genworth’s standard rate card. Credit criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply

This is a well needed discount. We all know that LMI or Lenders Mortgage insurance isn’t there to protect you the customer… its to protect the bank. This is why you would essentially like to have a 80% deposit when buying a home however, you don’t have to tell me how hard is it to save a home deposit these days. I personally rented for 10 years and struggled to save for a deposit. Even I had to move forward with an LMI loan. This is why this offer is so amazing – its giving first home buyers an extra leg up in the game and helping you achieve the great Australian Dream of owning your own home.

Extra Special Gift!!!

What is it? I am not telling….. (but i promise you its not steak knife set 🙂 )

I mentioned it before in the above text and if you want to find out then enter in your details below and either myself or my team will be in contact as soon as possible

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